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martes, 14 de diciembre de 2010

Daisy dejara Bones?

We've decided that Bones’ Daisy is slightly more adorable than annoying (although not by much), so it was with interest that we noticed Carla Gallo, the actress that plays Sweets’ lady love, is slated to costar in a new CW pilot. The new show, called Danni Lowinski, is about a hairdresser who goes to law school, but then can't get a job at any of the big firms — how apropos for the current economic situation, no? Instead, she sets up shop on her own firm in a shopping mall. Amanda Walsh plays the lead and has a Bones connection: She starred along with David Boreanaz in the 2005 flick These Girls and also appeared in October Road, Disturbia, and The Big Bang Theory.

Our gal Gallo will play Kaz, "who is brassy, a little slutty and fiercely protective" of her best pal, Danni. Don’t take this as a sign that the Sweesy romance is definitely ending, though: Daisy is only one of many squinterns on Bones, and Gallo has been known to work multiple acting gigs, busy girl that she is! In addition to Bones, she's been seen on Men of a Certain Age and Californication.

(No tome esto como una señal de que el romance entre Sweets y Daisy esta definitivamente roto, ya que Daisy no es solamente uno de muchos "internos" en Bones. A Gallo se la conoce como alguien que ha echo múltiples trabajos, es una chica ocupada. La podemos ver en Men of a Certain Age y Californication.)

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