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viernes, 3 de diciembre de 2010

Conferencia de llamadas Tweets: Emily Deschanel

"Next episode is very personal to Brennan. She's very vulnerable..confronts her mortality. I'm in every scene.

I love playing this character, she is so different from me. But sometimes I see some of myself in Brennan.

"In the next episode the scene w/David in the car I was expected to cry-I kinda dread those scenes."

"Brennan realizes she make a mistake with Booth last year. This episode/case helps her take risks in her life"

"Brennan wants Booth to be happy, she is conflicted about his relationship with Hananh... that gets more serious.

The relationship between Hannah and Brennan becomes strained when Brennan reveals her feelings for Booth"

"I love that we have such loyal fans. I have a contract for 8 seasons, I'm so lucky to be doing this great show."

"We have upcoming episodes about BMX Bikers, Polygamy and David directs an action-packed episode about a sniper."

"Brennan is clueless about reading peoples emotions, that surprises me. I love that she is growing as a person."

"After this very emotional upcoming episode it was nice to go back to a more typical Bones episode"

"It's been reported I was directing "The Wedding Planner" episode but I am not. Will do one later in season."

Emily said not disappointed postpone directing #Bones. Doesn't have to prep now-more time to spend w/ family over holidays.

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